Pregnancy is a very special time in every woman's life but “thanks” to tiredness and nausea, which come along with pregnancy not all women can feel beautiful and pretty and be ok with the changes their bodies are going through. I believe that maternity photography is an amazing way to empower women. I love showing them how incredibly magnificent, strong and beautiful they are.

All of the women I have worked with said to me that the experience itself is empowering and was life changing.

“I have never felt confident in having my photo taken but Liliya's expertise perfectly guided how I posed and made me feel confident and powerful”- N.

“Thank you Liliya for encouraging me to embrace my pregnancy curves and making me feel like a beautiful mommy goddess! I will cherish that day and the pictures forever!”- C.

This is what makes this experience so special and that’s why I am so passionate about what I do!


Black&white maternity photos by Vancouver Photographer Liliya Lubenkova Portraits.
Artistic nude maternity photo-session with Vancouver photographer Liliya Lubenkova Portraits

As a Maternity and Motherhood photographer, I create editorial style portraits for my clients. My works are simple and clean and have a fashion magazine style look. I try to stay away from overpowering my portraits with too many props, complicated sets, unnatural posing and clothing. 

Artistic nude pregnancy images created by Vancouver Maternity photographer Liliya Lubenkova Portraits

Some clients prefer minimalistic nude photographs and artistic silk wraps, while others want to be fully clothed. Either way, I I can capture their true beauty in a beautiful timeless portraits.

Artistic maternity photo-session with Liliya Lubenkova Portraits.

I specialize exclusively in fine-art maternity, beauty and boudoir photography. For more maternity photography, please, visit our maternity gallery. For bookings and information on maternity, beauty and boudoir photography sessions Contact me or call directly 604-880-6033