CHECK LIST to get ready for your newborn session




Your baby's naked skin is by far the most gorgeous thing he or she can wear! Newborn clothing rarely looks good on portraits. Dress Baby on loose fitting clothes before session to avoid any lines on baby's skin. Simple sleeper is the best. 

Bring any baby blankets or wraps for the baby to wear. For parents with the Baby, I recommend wearing a simple long sleeve solid tops in natural colours. I also suggest that your nails are trimmed and neat when holding the baby. 


We will likely be taking at least one or two long breaks for feeding. Bring whatever you need to be prepared for these feedings, whether it is extra bottles, formula or pumped breast milk, plus extra burp cloths. Also, don't forget to bring extra diapers and blankets for your little one.  

Chances are you will be in studio close to 3 hours, so prepare some  snacks and water for yourself and siblings is a good idea. 


The studio's temp will be kept around 80 degrees in Fahrenheit to keep your little one warm while being photographed, so I recommend parents and siblings dress in layers at that day.